About Us

Who We Are

Good Hemp Ingredients, founded in 1999, is a world leading hemp seed ingredient producer devoted to Quality, Sustainability and Innovation.

We operate a processing plant based in North Devon in the UK, built for and dedicated solely to hempseed. Developed by our founders Henry Braham and Glynis Murray, this facility is unique in the world, producing innovative hemp ingredients for use in nutritious and sustainable food, drink and sports nutrition products.

All our ingredients produced from hemp seed are allergen free. Oils and Creams are high in bioavailable Omega 3 and GLA.  Our range of Proteins are nutritionally complete and easy to incorporate in recipes or use as stand-alone products.  Dietary Fibres are high in soluble and insoluble fibre and offer a great solution to a growing need in nutrition.

Good Hemp Ingredients are the solution to the consumer demand for sustainable ingredients with authentic nutritional benefits – adding sustainable value and nutritional improvements to businesses looking for food with an eco-friendly future.


Why Choose Good Hemp Ingredients?

Being pioneers of hemp production and producers of hemp food from soil to table, we have a deep knowledge of the factors that produce the highest quality ingredients. What’s more, we understand the factors that make them sustainable.

This starts with the selection of raw ingredients. All the seed we use must conform to our specification and be UK/EU/USDA compliant.  Our long experience of growing and conditioning hemp seed enables us to work with growers to constantly improve standards.

Our supply chain batch coding allows us to trace the history of our ingredients from the date of sowing and harvesting, the seed variety, the country of origin and the farm in which it was grown. We always validate the cultivation of our raw hemp seed and review its route to us. On arrival both organic or non-organic hemp seeds are subject to stringent storage standards (and separation in compliance with our Organic Certification which we have held since 2018).

All our raw materials are tested in external, certified laboratories to check compliance of microbiological and nutritional composition. We also conduct batch and interval based heavy metal and THC analysis of seeds before shipping and before final compliance checks as we receive seed at our site.



To ensure the highest quality we monitor the control procedures throughout the supply chain, conducting full supplier audits and regularly reviewing quality control parameters to mitigate for cross contamination from field to factory. We believe that the most valuable products are produced only from the best quality raw materials. 

This starts with the selection of EU approved high quality hemp seeds. All of our products are produced only from the certified seed varieties. 



Our supply chain department communicate with hemp seed growers and processors, so that we can trace the origin and quality of the hemp we use. We always validate the cultivation of our hemp whether organic or non-organic source and review its route before reaching our manufacturing facility in Devon, UK. We only use minimum 99.5% purity whole hemp seed. On arrival both organic and non-organic hemp seeds are subject to stringent storage and separation in compliance with our organic certification which we have held since 2018. 

Labelling raw materials with batch numbers allows us to trace the history of a product such as the date of sowing and threshing, the seed grade, the country of origin and even the farm in which it was grown. 



We test the raw materials and products in external laboratories, studying the microbiological and nutritional composition as well as conducting batch and interval based heavy metal analysis of the seeds and ingredients following fractionation. 


For us here at Good Hemp, sustainability isn’t part of a corporate social responsibility document, it’s part of our DNA. When you work with hemp, the crop’s planet saving credentials are at the fore of everything you do (read more on them here), and the people within our team are equally as passionate about the environment staying healthy for generations to come. 


Currently over a quarter of all greenhouse emissions come from food. Many of our customers share our vision on sustainability hence, by working together, perhaps we can enhance our planet for future generations.

Our operational team in Devon are continually reviewing our product processes and practices. This has allowed us to develop a more environmentally sustainable manufacturing site with improved efficiency in our working practices as well as being able to produce the highest quality products. In addition we are continually striving to be at the cutting edge, offering unique, new and exciting hemp seed ingredients not available anywhere else.

In the future we see ourselves entering the B Corp movement, lowering our carbon footprint still further and supplying more exciting products to engage the increasing vegan, flexitarian and nutritionally astute modern customer to help them to meet their consumer demands.

The Road Ahead

To ensure we keep the planet centric to our day to day hemp seed lives, we have 5 simple targets for Good Hemp Ingredients.

Grow more hemp

Supporting the growth of more hemp within the UK, utilising UK grown hemp seed and growing it ourselves.

Zero Waste

Operating a zero waste factory, we use and sell all parts of the hemp seed.

Leave No Trace

Always use recycled and recyclable packaging for our business to business and branded products.

Carbon Negative

This isn’t just about what we make but also how we work and do business.

For The People

Accredited high quality hemp seed ingredients that benefit our customers, and their consumers health and concerns for the environment.


We clean the whole hemp seed then we remove the outer shell of the hemp seed through a mechanical process. The shell is then used to make dietary fibre. 

The de hulled seed (heart) then goes through an aqueous extraction process to separate the white protein concentrate and isolate, hemp cream, hemp fibre and water (which contains water soluble proteins and fats and is recycled). 

The whole seed passes through the oil press to produce our two different types of oils and the remaining product is then milled to produce 50% protein and more fibre. 

We have been working with Good Hemp for several years now and are passionate about the benefits of hemp both nutritionally and environmentally. The unique isolates are critical to the success of our bars and the service which the team at Good Hemp provide is both customer focussed and quality.

Suzie, Primal Pantry