Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition is one of the most exciting and fast-moving markets with companies ideally positioned to diversify with new and innovative players looking to capitalise on niches such as the vegan and environmental trend.  

Opportunities for protein powders remain the mainstay of this category but additionally high value functional bars and ready to drink products increasingly attract impulse purchasing by mainstream convenience focussed consumer. 

The global sports nutrition market is expected to reach $44billion by 20211In the UK 37% of sports nutrition products have a clean label claim such as no allergens and no GMO’s. Plant based formulas represent 15% of products available across 20 countries and based on the increasing trend by google for vegan protein related searches the vegan protein trend is here to stay2. However organoleptic properties and other differentiating factors are likely to provide the greatest opportunity for vegan proteins, as many consumers appear dissatisfied with the current traditional soy or pea based alternatives widely available. An optimal combination blend could provide the solution in terms of both organoleptic and functional benefits.  

For instance; hemp protein contains almost double the amount of methionine and more arginine than pea protein  

Good Hemp are in an ideal position to supply ingredients suited to sports nutrition applications.

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