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Hemp Oil

It took five years for our founders to develop the world’s first shelf stable, culinary hempseed oil. With fifteen years consumer approval Good Hemp oil has redefined the uses of one of nature’s healthiest oils for consumer and wholesale customers. Cold-pressed, shelf stable, high in PUFA and 40% less saturated fat than olive oil. A 10ml serving provides 75% of your daily recommended ALA intake and the equivalent of 6 Evening Primrose Oil capsules.


  • Liquid

    Available in bulk IBC and 25 litre barrels

  • Unique

    Of all plant-based products, only hemp seed fats contain a minimum of 70% PUFA’s including GLA and Omega 3.

  • Clean-Label

    Vegan, allergen free, non-GMO

  • Organoleptic-2

    Subtle nutty flavour profile, easily incorporated in multiple applications

  • Balanced

    The best vegan source of PUFA, with GLA at 4.1% and SDA, as well as the ideal balance of Omega 6 to Omega 3.

After further development Good Hemp Oils are now available as both Original and Extra Virgin. The Original has been through the Carbon Filter process, which is what gives it the lighter colour. This removes the grainy sediment from the Oil which wasn’t removed during the First Filter process. This is also why there is a colour change. The Extra Virgin Oil is virtually straight off the press passing through one filter to remove any larger sediment, retaining the natural hemp colour giving it a rich dark green appearance.

To ensure the highest quality we monitor the control procedures throughout the supply chain. We believe that the most valuable products are produced only from the best quality raw materials. The hemp seed is pressed only once, either fine filtered or extra virgin. Our hemp seed oils are made 100% mechanically with no hexane or other refining steps for oils.

We produce organic and non-organic hemp seed oil, sourcing our seed only from certified hemp seed (EU grade) farms and pressing using a cold press process

Good Hemp Ingredients contain more PUFA than other commercially available plant-based equivalents.

Whole hemp seed has a PDCAA’s score of around 0.84, and hemp protein digestibility is second to none, the fat in the hemp seed protein is around 70% PUFA.

Hemp seed oil contains GLA at 4.1%, other culinary plant based oils contain 0%*

*(Comparison of foods TSO)


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