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Being pioneers of hemp production and producers of hemp food from soil to table, we have a deep knowledge of the factors that produce the highest quality ingredients. What’s more, we understand the factors that make them sustainable.

This starts with the selection of raw ingredients. All the seed we use must conform to our specification and be UK/EU/USDA compliant.  Our long experience of growing and conditioning hemp seed enables us to work with growers to constantly improve standards.

Our supply chain batch coding allows us to trace the history of our ingredients from the date of sowing and harvesting, the seed variety, the country of origin and the farm in which it was grown. We always validate the cultivation of our raw hemp seed and review its route to us. On arrival both organic or non-organic hemp seeds are subject to stringent storage standards (and separation in compliance with our Organic Certification which we have held since 2018).

All our raw materials are tested in external, certified laboratories to check compliance of microbiological and nutritional composition. We also conduct batch and interval based heavy metal and THC analysis of seeds before shipping and before final compliance checks as we receive seed at our site.

Get all specifications for Good Hemp ingredients


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