The leading hemp seed ingredient producer and hemp consumer brand in the UK and Europe, partnering with key customers looking to source natural high quality ingredients from an experienced and trusted hemp seed fractionator based in the UK.

Good Hemp Ingredients operates a unique processing plant based in North Devon. This facility, originally developed and built by our founders Henry Braham and Glynnis Murray is the only one of its kind in the world. It produces high quality, unique hemp seed ingredients for use in the manufacture of nutritious food, drink and sports nutrition products.

Our hemp seed protein isolates, protein concentrates, hydrolysates, hemp seed oils, shelled seeds (hearts), fibres and unique hemp seed cream help you to create delicious, easily digested, allergen-free, high Omega ‘good’ fat products. Our transparent sourcing from European and Canadian farmers gives you full peace of mind.

We help improve performance through hemp seed innovations in line with key market trends for environmentally beneficially nutritional ingredients. Good Hemp Ingredients offers a broad-range of customer focussed solutions and a high quality service for your market.

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Our 2020 newspaper tells you all you need to know about our business, future and ingredients.