Good Hemp Ingredients, founded in 1999, is a world leading hemp seed ingredient producer devoted to Quality, Sustainability and Innovation. 

We operate a processing plant based in North Devon in the UK, built for and dedicated solely to hempseed. Developed by our founders Henry Braham and Glynis Murray, this facility is unique in the world, producing innovative hemp ingredients for use in nutritious and sustainable food, drink and sports nutrition products.

All our ingredients produced from hemp seed are allergen free. Oils and Creams are high in bioavailable Omega 3 and GLA.  Our range of Proteins are nutritionally complete and easy to incorporate in recipes or use as stand-alone products.  Dietary Fibres are high in soluble and insoluble fibre and offer a great solution to a growing need in nutrition. 

Good Hemp Ingredients are the solution to the consumer demand for sustainable ingredients with authentic nutritional benefits – adding sustainable value and nutritional improvements to businesses looking for food with an eco-friendly future.

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