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Healthy sustainable food for good

For businesses that care about the future, Hemp is theanswer. Our mission is to bring hemp’s benefitsto the mainstream without compromiseon quality, flavour or value.

About us

Good Hemp Ingredients are the solution to the consumer demand for sustainable, gluten free ingredients with authentic nutritional benefits – adding value and nutritional improvements to businesses looking for eco-friendly food.

All our ingredients produced from hemp seed are allergen free. Oils and Creams are high in bioavailable Omega 3 and GLA. Our range of Proteins are nutritionally complete and easy to incorporate in recipes or use as stand-alone products. Dietary Fibres are high in soluble and insoluble fibre and offer a great solution to a growing need in nutrition

Food for Good

Our ambition is to see a world where sustainable nutrition is accessible to everyone. We believe hemp can help us get there.

  • A fantastic plant-based source of nutrition, hemp seed ingredients are the perfect partner for vegan consumer solutions

  • The Good Hemp manufacturing site is completely nut-free

  • All Good Hemp ingredients are naturally gluten free, with all of our seed going through regulated testing

  • Hemp plant absorb 4 x more carbon than the same area of trees, delivering excellent carbon sequestration.

  • A naturally strong crop, hemp does not need any pesticides meaning cleaner food and a cleaner environment.

  • Excellent for biodiversity, Hemp’s deep roots replenish the soil’s nutrients and reduce erosion.

Why work with us?

Extra Virgin Hemp Seed oil is an increasingly popular ingredient and our customers value the high Omega 3 content and vegan source from a temperate climate. Good Hemp have been managing our supply for a number of years and have been diligent in meeting and exceeding our high quality standards.

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