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Good Hemp Ingredients, founded in 1999, is a world leading hemp seed ingredient producer devoted to Quality, Sustainability and Innovation.

Free from Dairy

We know the potential for vegan, nutritional milks and free from dairy alternatives as we already have our own brand of hemp milk, Good Hemp, in the UK and selected other markets.

In 2019 Kantar reported the value of the UK plant based milks market at a staggering >£265m, a 16% yoy increase and this seems to be a trend which is gaining almost dailyinterest in plant based alternative products. But it isn’t just plant based milks which are increasingly appealing to the flexitarian market, with sales of plant-based alternatives in general rocketing from 19% in 2018 to 23% in 2019 this sector is increasingly an important part of European consumers diets.

As this market becomes more sophisticated, more scrutiny will be placed on the environmental and nutritional credibility of the alternatives available. Hemp Seed ingredients are ideally placed to meet those increasingly vigilant consumer and category needs, from dairy free chocolate to sauces, cream to yoghurt.

Good Hemp are in an ideal position to supply ingredients suited to dairy free applications.


Hemp seeds and fibres are already being successfully used in bread, biscuits and other applications to create tasty nutritious and gluten free products.

Market trends in bakery point firstly to making more mainstream product accessible to all by removing animal fats and replacing with vegan ingredient alternatives. When considering the vegan diet it is particularly challenging to obtain sufficient PUFA’s, hence hemp seed oil with its unique position can do this.

In addition to the trend for vegan ingredients more consumers are switching to a reduction in bread consumption which means that the likelihood is that artisan and functional or value add bakery or ‘better quality’ bread with a higher nutritional value and higher price point, hence Premium breads and baked products are seeing increasing growth opportunities.

Good Hemp are in an ideal position to supply ingredients suited to Bakery applications.

Sports Nutrition

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Hemp is an unrivalled natural source of essential nutrients for sports nutrition, which is fast gaining recognition. It is allergen free, free from phytoestrogens, free from enzyme inhibitors and free from pesticides, lactose, gluten, GMO and hexane.

Sports Nutrition is one of the most exciting and fast-moving markets with companies ideally positioned to diversify with new and innovative players looking to capitalise on niches such as the vegan and environmental trend.

Opportunities for protein powders remain the mainstay of this category but additionally high value functional bars and ready to drink products increasingly attract impulse purchasing by mainstream convenience focussed consumer.

The global sports nutrition market is expected to reach $44billion by 20211. In the UK 37% of sports nutrition products have a clean label claim such as no allergens and no GMO’s. Plant based formulas represent 15% of products available across 20 countries and based on the increasing trend by google for vegan protein related searches the vegan protein trend is here to stay2. However organoleptic properties and other differentiating factors are likely to provide the greatest opportunity for vegan proteins, as many consumers appear dissatisfied with the current traditional soy or pea based alternatives widely available. An optimal combination blend could provide the solution in terms of both organoleptic and functional benefits.

For instance; hemp protein contains almost double the amount of methionine and more arginine than pea protein.

Good Hemp are in an ideal position to supply ingredients suited to sports nutrition applications.

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Vegan Snacking

Incredibly versatile, hemp seed is the ideal ingredient for adding nutritional and taste benefits to a wide range of applications within vegan snacking.

According to a 2018 report by market research firm Future Market Insights, the vegan snack market will be worth over US$73 billion by 2028, with an annual growth rate of up to 8.7 percent.

Vegan snacks are made exclusively from plant-based ingredients. The main drivers for the plant-based snack market are increasing consumption of these products and growing consumer awareness of health and wellbeing.

Developed economies such as North America and Western Europe are increasingly accounting for much of the market share for plant-based snacks due to the increasing trend towards vegan, vegetarian foods and a flexitarian lifestyle and the growing per capita consumption of snacks in these regions.

Hulled hemp seed hearts, protein, fibre and the oil can all be used to deliver more nutritional value in such products, as extrusion technology can be used to produce expanded crispies or ‘puffs’ for savoury snacks or for textured vegetable protein meat alternatives.



Sun Soaked Tomato & Hemp Cream Soup

Free-from, vegan soup utilising Hemp Cream to bring a sustainable source of Omega-3 to your consumers.


Chocolate Hemp Ice Cream

This free-from, vegan recipe is ideal for businesses looking to create indulgent recipes that deliver on sustainable nutrition.


Green Hemp Protein with Spirulina

A protein packed free-from mixture suitable for a wide range of manufacturers.

Good Hemp Ingredients contain more PUFA than other commercially available plant-based equivalents.

Whole hemp seed has a PDCAA's score of around 0.84, and hemp protein digestibility is second to none, the fat in the hemp seed protein is around 70% PUFA.

Hemp seed oil contains GLA at 4.1%, other culinary plant based oils contain 0%*

*(Comparison of foods TSO)


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