Vegan Snacking

According to a 2018 report by market research firm Future Market Insights,the vegan snack market will be worth over US$73 billion by 2028, with an annual growth rate of up to 8.7 percent. 

Vegan snacks are made exclusively from plant-based ingredients. The main drivers for the plant-based snack market are increasing consumption of these products and growing consumer awareness of health and wellbeing.  

Developed economies such as North America and Western Europe are increasingly accounting for much of the market share for plant-based snacks due to the increasing trend towards vegan, vegetarian foods and a flexitarian lifestyle and the growing per capita consumption of snacks in these regions.  

Hulled hemp seed hearts, protein, fibre and the oil can all be used to deliver more nutritional value in such products, as extrusion technology can be used to produce expanded crispies or puffs for savoury snacks or for textured vegetable protein meat alternatives. 


Expanded crispies are particularly interesting for the savoury snack market, and using hemp means that the nutritional balance and environmental sustainability of the ingredient is meeting market trends and changing global environmental needs. Indeed with the growing demand for snacks such products or an exciting proposition. 

Textured Vegetable Protein produced by dry texturization using air can be used to produce either granulates or chunks. Hemp alone or in combination with other plant based proteins can be used to achieve exciting and innovative products. 

The granulates can be used in the same way as minced meat and are suitable for production of vegan alternatives to meat balls, sausgaes, pates, pizza topping etc.  

The chunks have a fibrous texture and can be used in noodles, curry dishes, salads and ‘pulled meat’ dishes etc. 

Vegan meat alternative jerky style savoury snacks can also be produced using our protein products. 

Bars The global nutritional vegan bars market is expected to reach US $253 Million by 2026, at a growth rate of 9.10% per year. 

The rising demand for vegan convenience foods is a major factor driving the global market for vegan protein bars. Not only sports athletes but also those looking for convenient, ready-to-eat nutritious products like vegan protein bars. 

Many of Good Hemp Ingredients customers currently incorporate hulled hemp seed hearts or proteins into  bars. Our hemp seed protein isolates are unique 75% or 85% white proteins. The higher concentration of protein in these ingredients means less of the protein powder itself is required in order to achieve the desired protein level in the finished product. 

Demand for packaged and convenient foods is growing rapidly due to a growing awareness about health, changing socio-economic needs, and insufficient time to cook food with the correct balanced amount of nutrition. Consumers are opting for weight management and energy products, such as vegan protein bars, to keep their day-to-day life fit and healthy.  

Clusters Clusters include cereal additions and savoury and sweet snacking options which are normally pressed together in combination. This could include seeds, pastes/powders, extruded crispies and nuts. This type of product is often used as an addition to breakfast or as a convenient healthier snack. Hulled Hemp seed hearts and any of our protein powders can be used in this application depending on the desired end properties. The PUFA and low saturated fat content as well as the amino acid profile and total protein levels could be interesting to enhance on pack claims for satiety and Omega fats. 

Other snacking products Include powders added to shakes to enhance their nutritional profile and satiety (feeling of fullness) and hulled hemp seed hearts used in combination with other seeds and perhaps roasted or combined with other herbs/sweet tastes to create interesting profile products